Certificate of Bug Bounty

Generate a certificate for compliance purposes

Bug Bounty programs are often private.
Either for compliance purposes or just to communicate with third-party or partners about your security initiatives, you may need a tangible proof that you are engaged in Bug Bounty. 

This is why it is possible for Business Unit managers to generate a certificate of Bug Bounty program from the YesWeHack platform. 

The Certificate of Bug Bounty is a document proving that you do indeed have one (or more) Bug Bounty program(s) on the YesWeHack platform, and specifying on which perimeters and since when these tests have been carried out.

How to generate a certificate

  • Log in as BU (owner | manager | accounting manager)
  • Go to 'Admin Panel' > 'Bug Bounty Certificate'

  • Click on "Generate certificate"

  • Select scopes/programs for which you want to generate the certificate of Bug Bounty.

  • Fill the form with your company's information. This information will appear in the certificate header.


  • Certificate generation is now pending, waiting for the YesWeHack staff validation.

  • When the certificate is validated by the staff, BU managers receive a notification by email.
  • You can then download the PDF file from the 'Bug Bounty Certificate' menu at any moment.