Executive reports

Generate a summary of your past or current Bug Bounty programs

A program's Executive Report gives you all the key takeaways for a given program since its very beginning, in a concise and easy to read format (pdf file).

What can I found in an executive report?

  • Number of reported bugs
  • Total rewards paid
  • Number and severity of reported bugs
  • CWE-ID top 5
  • Detailed top 10 of open reports (based on CVSS)
  • Detailed top 10 of closed reports (based on CVSS)

Note that you need to be a business unit manager/owner or a program manager to have access to this function.

A few examples below :

How can I get it?

You will find the export feature in the Vulnerability center menu:

> Select the program in the 'Business unit & Programs field'
> Click on ‘Export’ button at top right
> Choose ‘Executive Report’

> Confirm the selected program
> Download the report once generated.