Program attachments

Add files or images to your program description

Program descriptions can be more meaningful by adding images or attachents.

Therefore, we generously offer to host your documents in case you need to put them in your Program Description.

How does it work ?

First, you have to upload your file(s) at the bottom of the program edition page.

Accepted formats are : .pdf, .png, .jpeg and .txt

Once uploaded, an ID will be generated for each file. In this case : YWH-P69.

Then, you can either :

  • Put a direct link to the file by symply adding the file ID (i.e. YWH-PXXX) in the description.
  • Put an image inline by using {YWH-PXXX} syntax in the description.

Before updating your program, you can make sure that it’s as beautiful as expected by using the preview mode, and congratulate yourself.

If you don’t reference your attachments in the description, the attached files won’t be available to the hunters.