Program attachments

Add attachments to provide further details to the hunters (user guide, diagrams, changelog, ...)

As you can see, our program template is standardized to narrow down risks of omissions but also to make it more easy to read and find specific details.
However, onemight need to provide further details to the hunters, therefore you have the possibility to attach documents.
It can be very useful to complete the description with additional and/or visual elements.

Accepted formats are : .png, .jpeg, .pdf and .txt

How to add attachments in a program?

When you are editing your program, at the bottom of the page, you will find a program attachment field as below:

Once your files uploaded, an ID will be generated for each file.
Here, for example : YWH-P69

Then, you can either :

  • Put a direct link to the file by symply adding the file ID (i.e. YWH-PXXX) in the description.
  • Put an image inline by using {YWH-PXXX} syntax in the description.

Click on the clipboard to copy the attachment reference in appropriate format and just paste it wherever you want it to be referenced in the description

Before completing your program creation, you can use the preview mode, to make sure that it renders as expected:

If you don't reference the attachment in your Program Description, it won't be available anywhere else. Don't forget this important step ;)