Billing information

How to properly fill-in your billing information to participate in YesWeHack Bug Bounty programs.

What is a billing mandate?

A billing mandate is an invoicing agreement between a company and his provider (YesWeHack and a hunter). When accepting the billing mandate, you (the hunter) allow YesWeHack to create a monthly electronic invoice on your behalf. (Monthly invoices include all bounties received during said month) 

Why do I need to fill-in a billing mandate?

As a hunter, you must declare your activity to your local authorities, wherever you are located. This is why YesWeHack generates an invoice for you, to facilitate this process on your end. 

This is a pre-requisite to use the platform and submit reports.

How to fill-in my billing mandate?

Go to your 'My E-wallet' menu and select "Billing information", then fill-in the form 

Once this is done, you will need to click on the Billing mandate link at the very bottom of the 'page in order to read and agree to the terms and conditions of the mandate.

If you change of status or information, please make sure to update your information as soon as possible so it could be reflected on your next invoice. 

When should I tick ‘I am subject to VAT’?

Only Hunters that perform testings as a French Company are subject to VAT on our platform. If a user is not part of this category, he is not subject to VAT and should not tick the 'I am subject to VAT' box on his billing mandate.

If you are subject to VAT but operating from a different country than France, precising your intra-community VAT number will suffice. Your invoices will display the legal mentions regarding reverse charge. 

When will I receive my invoice?

Invoices are sent on the last day of a given month, to hunters who received a bounty during the given month.

I am Hunter, but I want to WITHDRAW my bounty on A company bank account. Can I do it and  how?

Yes, it is possible to receive your bounties on your company bank account.

However, we need to verify your company with our MangoPay, which will require to complete extra-verification-steps and provide additional documents.

The verification process for a company will depend on your location.

Please contact us via and we will guide you through the appropriate process depending on your location.