'Blacklisted' countries

Countries in which it is not possible to transfer money

What are ‘blacklisted’ countries? 

Some countries are considered to be 'high-risk countries' by regulators and are identified as such by our Payment Service Provider (MangoPay). 

These countries are thus blacklisted by MangoPay.  MangoPay uses official lists from international organisations to determine which countries should be blacklisted.

You can check if a country is blacklisted by going on our registration form here  and by selecting said country in the 'country of residence' field. A red message will appear if your country is blacklisted.

What happens if I live in a 'blacklisted' country?

Users cannot process payments to bank accounts hosted in those countries BUT anyone can create an account on our platform, no matter your country of residence.

The list of countries where users are allowed to transfer money is available here.

If you get a reward but your country is blacklisted, you might not be able to withdraw this reward towards your bank account. In this case, this money will remain on your e-wallet for as long as necessary, until an alternative payout option is found or your country is whitelisted.