Changelog 2023-09

This page provides an overview of the products' evolutions deployed this month.

[ASM] Asset Exclusion

This feature adds the ability to Exclude Assets from the Attack Surface settings. Assets exclusion allows our customer to blacklist domains, subdomains, and CIDR (i.e., IP ranges). Wildcards are allowed for subdomains in order to define more generic patterns. Tens of seconds after the exclusion, all entries matching these patterns are removed from the attack surface lists (subdomains, services, and technologies). The same is done for Findings. In addition, these blacklisted assets are also be excluded from recurring scans. If a user removes the exclusion, known assets will reappear and recurring scans will be queued.

[ASM] Add assets to program (BB or PTM) from Attack Surface

It allows to add new scopes to BU's vulnerability research programs, like Bug Bounty or Pentest campaigns.

[CORE] In-app tabs for navigation between reports

In order to make navigation between report more smooth, we introduce In-app tabs. CTRL+click and mouse-wheel click are also catched.

[PTM] Final reports have a new style

The new PTM final report style is more neutral. This report can be automatically generated at the end of a pentest campaign.

[PTM] Final report is more customisable

When generating the campaign's final report, the manager can customise information like:

  • Report title
  • Company logo
  • Supplier logo
  • Header
  • Footer
  • Preamble