Changelog 2024-05

This page provides an overview of the products' evolutions deployed this month.

[CORE] Create PAT for a BU Manager role

  • It is now possible to create a Personal Access Token at the Business Unit level.
  • This PAT is very interesting organisations, who need to automate their processes, like PTM programs creation (pentest) or even BU transactions monitoring.
  • It allows to manipulate all API routes at accessible to a BU Manager (, except "/v2/" (dashboards) and "/user/" routes.


[ASM] Bulk tag assets and tag autocompletion

  • Tags are an excellent method of incorporating specific profession-specific concepts into the results of the ASM tool.
  • It is now possible to bulk process tags in a selection (add, override, or remove).
  • This feature is available for ASM Domains and Services.
  • Note that overriding with no tag will empty the tags of selection.
  • Tags are autocompleted with already known tags.


[CORE] Minor changes on tags.

  • Because tags are an effective and flexible way of managing sometimes complex organisations (teams, project names, scope of responsibility, etc.), it is now possible to specify them using up to 100 characters.
  • In addition, program members with the Program Auditor role now have access to these tags, in particular via the API.