Changelog 2024-06

This page provides an overview of the products' evolutions deployed this month.

[CORE] Android Bundle (.aab) and Zip Archive (.zip) as program attachments

  • Managers can upload AAB files (Android App Bundle), which has become a popular format for Android mobile applications, as program attachments.
  • It also possible to upload ZIP archive, for example to provide firmware to hunters.
  • These file formats are limited to 500MB and can be downloaded on the program page, by hunter-side.
  • Previous formats are still available (JPEG, PNG, TXT, PDF, APK, IPA).

[CORE] 1st response metric is time windowed

  • To avoid older programs being penalised by the metrics of their past activity, the "1st response time" metric is now considered in a sliding 6-month time window.
  • This metric has been modified everywhere it appears on the platform (on the manager and hunter sides) and a pictogram indicates the time window size.



[CORE] Response template limit increased to 50

  • Managers can now create up to 50 response templates for their Business Units.