Credentials (Test accounts)

Request and retrieve test account credentials directly from a program

Some scopes can only be accessed by authorized users. 
In that case, the Organisation may decide to provide hunters with test accounts.

There is a dedicated set of features to allow test account provisioning and distribution directly through YesWeHack platform. 

If the program managers decided to use it, you will be able to 'Ask for credentials' from the ‘Credentials’ section at the very bottom of the program’s page.

Here you can browse the different credentials pools that are available for this program and request your own account(s) in a few clicks. 

When you ask for credentials, there are 3 possibilities:

1 - Some credentials are already/still available : it will be automatically assigned to you and you will retrieve your login/password few seconds later in the ‘Credentials’ menu

2 - All credentials are already assigned : program managers will be notified of your pending request and you will automatically retrieve your credentials as soon as the program managers add some to the pool.

3 - Credentials requires your email address to be set-up on request. As in the screenshot below :

You might choose to use either your YesWeHack email alias (see our dedicated article) or your personal email address.

The program manager will be notified and will be able to set-up credentials especially for you with your own email address. There will be then 2 possibilities (as you can see below) :

- you will retrieve your password in the 'Credentials' menu


- you will receive an email from the app with a link to activate your account and create your own password


No matter the type of credentials, or workflow, you will be notified as soon as your accesses are granted!