Pending reports, new messages, budget and key indicators at a glance

The goal of YesWeHack dashboard view is to provide a nice and simple interface for an effective oversight of your programs management.

There are two levels of dashboards :

  • 'Business Unit Dashboard’ for a complete view of all your programs;
  • ‘Programs Dashboard’ if you want data only about a specific program. 
Note that they work the same way.

Here is an example:

What can I do with the dashboards?

  • You will find your key indicators (aggregated at BU level or program level) and the distribution of all your reports by status and severity.
  • You can filter your dashboards for a specific timeframe or report status.
  • Statuses are clickable. It will open a new tab with the list of report matching the selected status.
  • There is a shortcut to your Wallet, in case you’d like to consult the details of your transaction history or to make a new refill.
  • You will see your new reports, waiting for review, in case you missed it.
  • You might check on your new messages, it could be a question, could be an additional detail... in any case, it’s waiting for you.

  • You can invite hunters directly from a proposed list, if you ever need an extra-hand.

  • A very handy 'Go to Reports' short-cut :

    • If you click on any status gauge (e.g. “3 Accepted”), you will be redirected to the Reports menu where the corresponding filter will be applied (e.g. Status = ‘Accepted’).

    • If you click on any item of the ‘New Messages’ or ‘New reports’ lists, you will be redirected to the corresponding report.

  • By the way, there is an auto-refresh : the page will refresh automatically every 5 minutes.

You can see below an example with filters on time-frame and reports’ status :

After this summary section of the dashboard, you also can find different sections :

  • Categories : In this section you will find the distribution of your reports by bug-types (Access control issues, memory corruption issues, etc.). If you scroll down, you will also find the detailed distribution of your reports for each bug-type, based on CWE classification.

  • Bug timeline : In this section you will find a chart of your bug timeline, i.e. a graphic representation of the bugs reported on your programs, day-by-day, and organized by severity.

  • Reward timeline : In this section you will find a chart of your reward timeline, i.e. a day-by-day representation of the rewards paid on your programs with amount (€) and number of reports rewarded.
  • Hall of fame : In this section you will find the ranking of hunters related to your program(s). As usual, you can apply filter on the timeline
  • Hunters : In this section you will find statistics related to the number of hunters invited, hunters that accepted the invitation and how many of them sent reports

Where can I find those dashboards?

For the 'Business Unit Dashboard’, click on 'My Business Units' (top left corner) and then 'Dashboard' on the white banner below.

For a ‘Programs Dashboard’, click on 'My Business Units' (top left corner), then 'Programs' on the white banner below. Select the program of your choice on the page. When you are on the page of your program, click on the 'Dashboard' button.