Hunter dashboard

The hunter dashboard provides exclusive statistics on hunter activity on the YesWeHack platform's bug bounty programs.

The hunter dashboard is accessible after authentication by visiting the address or by clicking on "Dashboard" in the user menu (hunter profile) in the top right corner. 


Filters are proposed at the page header to define a time window that will be considered for the charts and the table. It is also possible to filter on one or more specific programs. Note that the "Accepted invitations for bug bounty" metric is not affected by filters.


The metrics show the maximum, the total and the average amounts of the rewards, for both EUR and USD. "Submitted reports" are those submitted by the hunter and "Collaborated reports" are those on which the hunter was invited as a collaborator. Finally, a metric shows the number of invitations to private BB programs that have been accepted.


Reports Acceptance

This chart shows the rate of reports that have been accepted out of all reports submitted.

Submitted reports by program type

Submitted reports by activity area

reports by SEVERITY

This chart shows the distribution of the submitted reports according to their severity, defined by the CVSS score.

reports by status

These charts show the distribution of reports according to their current status.

Submitted reports by bug category

This chart shows the tree map of the different Bug Categories that have been reported. The categories can be filtered directly by clicking in the legend.


The timelines show the progression over time of reports, points earned and rewards received. These graphs can be zoomed in for a more detailed view of a time window.

Hunting activity overview

This table provides an overview of hunting activity on the platform. It lists the programs on which reports have been submitted, the severity distribution, the total points earned on the program, as well as the total amount of rewards received on the program.