Hunter selection

How to find top-ranked or recently active hunters

Who should we invite to our private Bounty programs ? That’s a question you may ask yourself.

Well, first, you could have a look into our hunter selection feature as it lists the most "hacktive" hunters of the platform, based on their ranking points and latest submitted reports.

And if you are looking for the best match, you can also filter the list and target a location (Europe/Worldwide) or search for KYC verified hunters only.

Where to find it?

  • Case 1 : I want to invite new hunters on my program

Then, go to your program’s ‘Hunters’ tab and click on ‘+ Select hunter’ (see below)

  • Case 2 : I want to add new hunters in a group

In this case, go to the ‘Admin Panel' of your Business Unit, then ‘Invitation Groups’, and click on ‘+ Select Member’

Here is a dedicated article for groups of invitation :