KYC Verifications

Verify your account to participate in programs and get rewards

What does KYC mean? Why is it needed?

KYC stands for Know Your Customer, a protection process against money laundering & fraud attempts, used by our Payment Service Provider (MangoPay).

It brings trust and transparency, aligned with ethical hacking philosophy of a Bug Bounty platform.

KYC verified status is mandatory to submit a report on Bug Bounty programs.

Only Verified users will have the possibility to transfer their rewards to their personal bank account.

KYC status can be obtained by filling-in your personal information and submitting an identity proof.


How to complete KYC verification?

1) Login
2) Open the drop down menu on the right end corner and select 'MY E-WALLET'. Go to "KYC".
3) Fill all the mandatory fields + submit a valid identity document (see below).

What are the accepted documents?

Here is the list of documents that a user can upload (according to his nationality) in order to become 'KYC Verified':

You might find more details here (Regular hunters are considered as 'NATURAL', other types apply for companies or legal entities).

The information on your YesWeHack account (firstname, lastname, ...) must match the information on your identity document.

Why is my ID rejected?

You will find guidelines about most common issues here.

In case you followed the recommendations and your ID is still rejected, please contact

your kyc was downdgraded : what does it mean?

sers who previously verified their identity and who then edited their personal details (first name, last name or birthdate) will be downgraded to an 'OUT OF DATE' status.

The document previously submitted for KYC verification is in this case no longer considered as valid, to avoid any fraud-related issues. 

The user must then resubmit a valid document (valid according to the above table and also in terms of information: the information on the document must match the personal details listed in the account) to get verified once again.

Can I be verified as a company and not as an individual? 


Hunters that are using a Company bank account (in opposition to a personal bank account) to withdraw their bounty will have to verify as a company and complete extra-verification-steps.

The verification process for a company will depend of its location.

Please contact to be guided in this process