Message to hunters

Share news, questions or reminders with your hunters

During your private bug bounty program, you might want to reach out to hunters for different reasons. To do so, you can use the dedicated 'Hunter messages' feature.

Why would I need to sent a message to hunters

For example, it might be useful if you want to:

  • Update everyone about a recent change
  • Remind some rules
  • Interact with a hunter about his/her tests (that you saw on your logs for example)
  • {Any other reasonable need}

How does it work?

From your Program management interface, you will find a 'Hunter Messages' menu, as you can see below:

Here, you can see a history of the messages you sent, or create a new message by clicking on the top right button.
You can then choose the recipients of your message:

Just send your message, and after a validation of our YesWeHack team, hunters will directly hear from you :)

You can select one or several hunters with their usernames.

Don't forget to give your contacts if you expect a reply from the hunter(s)