Program cloning and archiving

Save time and re-use your previous programs as a template, once you are done you can also archive a program

Program cloning

Any organization that runs several Bug Bounty programs has experienced it, from a program to another there might be a lot in common :
- List of qualifying vulnerabilities
- Company information
- Program rules
- Titles and lay-out

Program creation form being quite detailed, with numerous fields to fill-out, you will be pleased to conveniently clone an existing program and only modify what’s necessary.

As a Business Unit Owner or Manager, when you go to ‘Admin Panel’ > ‘Programs’, you will find a ‘Clone’ button for each program of yours

When you click on this button, it generates a copy of said program in a new creation form.

Then, you don’t have to start from scratch but simply focus on what needs to be modified or added in this specific program’s context, e.g.:

Once done, just click on ‘Clone program’ and the new program will be created.

As per any other program it will remain in draft status until finalized, reviewed and validated by the YesWeHack CSM team.

Program archiving

For tracebility, integrity and accountability issues, it is not possible to delete a program, but you can hide/archive it. 

When a program is archived, its reports won't appear in the reports lists and won't be computed in your global 'Dashboard' anymore. 

You can 'Archive' a program draft or a definitely closed program as follow:

As a Business Unit Owner or Manager, when you go to ‘Admin Panel’ > ‘Programs’, you will find an 'Archive Program’ button for each program of yours.

Just select the option, after that, your program will be sent to the bottom of your program list. 

If you want to unarchive a program, just select the options on the program and you will see the option 'unarchive program'.