Reward allocation tags

Categorize and track spendings to manage budget per program, team or any other theme.

Categorize your transactions

Organizations might need to keep track of every reward sent through the platform : accounting, computing KPIs, any other reporting or analysis purposes.

For that reason, when awarding a bounty, you can set multiple tags that will help you keep track of every transaction you make.

N.B : to define several tags at once, you can use comas or tabulation as separators .

You can also find a reward recap with the total amount ( you can send/receive several rewards for a given report) as well as the reward tags. You can adjust the bounty or update the reward tags by using the "Update reward allocation tags"

Keep track of your expenses

Go to ‘Admin Panel’ > ‘Wallet’ > ‘Transactions’  to find your transactions history.

Here, you can apply handy filters based on reward allocation tags to get the spendings breakdown you need.