Role Management

Invite members with different level of access and set of privileges

On YesWeHack platform, you have different option to distribute roles and accesses among your teams, to align it with your internal organization. 

Quick overview:

You have 3 main levels of accesses on YesWeHack platform:

  1. Business Unit level : from Admin Panel > Members, you can invite members with BU manager role to grant them access and control over all programs and reports. You can also invite accounting manager to monitor budget allocation without having access to sensitive information (programs and reports). 
  2. Program level : from Admin Panel > Programs > Your Program > Members, you can invite people with different roles, from manager to viewer, with access to this specific program only. 
  3. Report level : you might want to grant access to someone on a specific report without disclosing all the other reports from this program. 

How to manage users?

As mentioned, you can invite members at different levels. 
You will find a 'Members' menu to manage invitations and roles for your Business Unit, Programs and Reports. 

Select the role you want to assign and fill-in the user's email or nickname to send the invite:

From this same menu you can monitor current members, pending invites and also revoke users. 

You can invite a new member even if he does not have a user account on YesWeHack. 
He will receive an email notification and once his account created (with the same email address), he will find his pending invite and accept it.

Detailed role matrix

Every permissions for each role are detailed in the table below.

"Program Triager" is a specific role meant for YesWeHack triage team. 

"Program Analyst" only gives access to reports that are already closed (e.g. 'Resolved') for knowledge sharing and post-analysis.