Search Reports

Explore, find and sort reports efficiently

The "vulnerability center" menu is designed to facilitate your report management (see below). Especially, you will the following features:

  • A search bar
  • Report submission time frame
  • A Business Unit & Programs list and filter
  • A list of reports with 'sort' buttons
  • Advanced filters

Program list, search bar and sort option

  • Business Unit & Program list : in the middle your report menu, you can select one or more programs in order to show reports only related to this (those) program(s).
    Note that if you select your business unit, you will see all reports from all programs.
  • Sort options: just below the filters , you can see a list of reports. You can sort reports by activity, ID,  author, priority, program, reward, status or severity.
  • Search bar :  you can search reports by : title, scope, endpoint, hunter username, report ID and tags.

Advanced filters

With the advanced filters, you can apply and combine filters on different criterias, including :

  • Report status
  • Report severity
  • Report priority
  • Report assignment
  • Rewards
  • Fix verification
  • Marked as
  • Tracking status
  • Report source
  • Report imported

In your "Vulnerability center" menu, you will find an ‘Advanced filters’ button that will open a list of search criterias. 

For each criteria, you can select multiple values, as displayed on the screenshot below.