VDP Reports

Manage your VDP reports in a structured, consolidated and auditable way

where will i find my vdp reports? 

They will all end-up on YesWeHack platform.
Go to your 'Vulnerability center' menu and select your VDP program in the "Business Unit & Programs" field and you will find the reports received through your VDP. 

How does a VDP Report looks like?

Reports submitted through a Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP) benefit from the same template, interface and features than other types of reports (e.g. Bug Bounty): 

  • Structured technical details
  • CVSS score box 
  • Report status
  • Tracking status 
  • Export features
  • etc. 

Here is an example of VDP report: 

Anything else I need to know about VDP Reports?

  • There is no possible interaction with the hunter, as the reports are not directly submitted on yeswehack.com by an authenticated hunter, but through your VDP page, and might be sent anonymously, 
  • There is no possibility to give a reward on a VDP report.