Changelog 2023-10

This page provides an overview of the products' evolutions deployed this month.

[CORE] Mobile application files (APK and IPA) in program attachments

Program managers can make available to hunters their scoped mobile applications (e.g., if they are not on the official stores). This feature allows them to upload these applications as program attachments. This means that hunters can then download them, without having to expose these data on a third-party service. Uploaded files must not exceed 500MB.

[CORE] Allow manager to disable hunters' email aliases in credentials manager

Since it exists mail servers policy which block email addresses coming from (the domain used for yeswehack aliases), this feature is a solution to prevent a situation where hunters are assigned on program's credentials with an inappropriate email address. It allows managers to disable YesWeHack email aliases when they create a new credentials pool.

[ASM] CVE Alert

This feature allows our Surface Managers to "subscribe" to a vulnerability-oriented Cyber Threat Intelligence feed based on declared technologies. Get more information in our dedicated page.